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Posted on 05/19/2011 09:15AM

Hello all those people who look at this page.

The create thumbnail function now works which is nice.

I have also enabled users to make up to 10 folders inside their account.

File Size

Posted on 02/17/2011 11:35AM

The maximum image file size has gone from 2mb to 5mb. This might help with big wallpapers and such.

Current Hosting Info

Posted on 02/14/2011 07:03AM

Currently the image hosting is as follows:

Space: 150mb
Bandwidth 30gb

If users need more tell me and ill up it for them.


Shits Installed

Posted on 01/31/2011 11:01AM

Dw guys, image hosting now works. No more slow ad ridden photobucket and such.

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